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Judumul Aboriginal Corporation & Beacon Minerals supporting long-term unemployed to find work.

Helen Cameron and Patricia Ridley-Nine commenced work at Beacon Minerals Jaurdi site in a partnership between Beacon Minerals and Judumul Aboriginal Corporation based in Coolgardie.

The program gives long term unemployed the opportunity to enter the workforce while being supported by both Beacon Minerals and Judumul.

The ladies have commenced part time work that can be easily accessed from Coolgardie.

MEEDAC has assisted Judumul by the provision of a vehicle to transport the workers to and from Coolgardie to the Mine Site. We also thank Cherie from the CDC Hub for her assistance with transport and support.

This program is the result of two years of preparation to find placement for long term unemployed in the Coolgardie community.

The Chairperson of Judumul, Rose Mitchell who supervises activities hosted by Judumul reminds us that

In this time of low unemployment, and constant publicity about the high number vacant positions, it is easy to forget those who have been excluded from employment in the long term. We ask only for some understanding from employers that being unemployed has many causes, and not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to undertake mainstream employment without support.”

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