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This project was member driven since it's inception.  Paying respect to those who  walked this land before us is important to the whole community.  The records of unmarked graves in the Coolgardie Cemetery were isolated.   Each  entry was researched using archival information and the knowledge of current Coolgardie residents to identify those of Aboriginals.

Thanks to funding from National Indigenous Australians Agency, and in consultation with the local Aboriginal community we have placed markers on the graves identified.

This project was lead by Rose Mitchell shown in this photo of the first day of the project together with Allison Dimer and her son Nathan .    Six members of Judumul were employed on this project over a period of one year.  Information relating to  the unmarked graves is available.  Please contact the Judumul Gallery during opening hours or email us should you require further information.

 Over sixty plaques can be seen across all areas of the Coolgardie Cemetery.

Participating workers - Rose Mitchell, Allison Dimer, Nathan Dimer, Sivorn Donaldson, Krystal Donaldson, 

Tamara Donaldson, and Linda Bropho.

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